Tech Specs

Maximum Height: 96″ / 8′ / 2438mm
Maximum Width: 85″ / 7′ / 2159mm
Maximum Wheelbase: 135″ / 11.25′ / 3429mm
Maximum Length: Varies dependent on ride height, Contact us for specific cases.
Minimum Ride Height: approximately 1.25″ / 31mm.  Contact us for specific cases.

Maximum Weight:
Approximately 6,000lbs / 2700kg
Maximum weight depends mostly on weight distribution. If your test object has extreme asymmetric weight distribution, or is over the 5,000lbs please contact us and we may be able to accommodate it. Center of Gravity:

COG Vertical Height:
Accuracy: Better than 0.01″
Repeatability: Better than 0.01″

Moments of Inertia:
Yaw Accuracy: 0.3%
Pitch Accuracy: 1.3%
Roll Accuracy: 0.2%
Repeatability: 0.2%

For questions on the accuracy and calibration of the Centroid Machine please feel free to contact us.